I’ve reviled the puzzle piece image since I fully understood what it meant-who it was associated with, what they stood for, and what their end goal was. I still do to this day. I’ve never viewed myself as someone needing “a cure” for my autism or anything close to it…

An image from a rally held by President Trump in 2018, taken from Google Images. Originally published by Politico.

One of the most overused terms of the last four years and change is “civility”. Cries of unhappiness with a candidate which manifest themselves in very public movements to make a candidate “earn” one’s support have their roots in the charge of being uncivil, as do charges of misconduct so…

Daisy Cooper, newly elected MP for St. Albans, on the campaign trail. (Image originally from The New Statesman and obtained from Google Images.)

The utter trainwreck that was the year 2019 in British politics, especially for those of us of the persuasion that the United Kingdom ought not to leave the European Union, can best be summed up in a feeling: melancholy.

We are melancholy for many reasons: never before in history, surveilling…

Alex Perdue

History and political science undergrad at U of SC. #ActuallyAutistic, 21, He/Him. Views my own.

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